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Kazan Night Tour

Do you know how the streets of Kazan were lit up before electricity appeared? No?

Suppose you are still full of energy after a chockfull excursion program and want to see and listen about another Kazan. In that case, we invite you to plunge into the extraordinary appearance of the night capital. Kazan will appear before you, quiet and peaceful, all in the lights of the illumination of historical buildings.

The tour takes you through the brightest places of the night city.

You will see:
"Ekiyat" Tatar State Puppet Theater - a fairy-tale castle;
Kazan Family Center Wedding Palace ("Chasha" - cup);
The most prominent media facade in Europe of the Ak Bars Arena stadium;
The Palace of Farmers is one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital, located near the Kazan Kremlin and the Kremlin Embankment;
An enchanting spectacle of a million multi-colored splashes of fountains, decorating squares, parks, and embankments of Kazan (in summer).