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Bolgar Tour

Bolgar was the capital of Volga Bulgaria – one of the earliest state associations of Eastern Europe. The Bulgarian Historical and Architectural Complex is the world's northernmost monument of medieval Muslim architecture, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Bolgar is the holy place for the Volga region Tatars. Here, in 922, Islam was adopted as the official state religion.

You will see:

The Cathedral Mosque and the Great Minaret are the centers of the architectural ensemble;
The Eastern Mausoleum is a Muslim tomb;
The Northern Mausoleum is a symbol of the Bulgarian settlement;
The Khan's Tomb and the Small Minaret are holy places of memory of our ancestors;
The Black Chamber is a folk memory associated its name with a beautiful legend about the Bulgarian princess Altynshcheshch, who threw herself from the roof of the building, refusing to marry the Golden Horde khan;
The White Mosque is one of the most significant structures that have enriched the modern collection of the architectural heritage of Tatarstan. The white decorum of the structure gives the mosque a resemblance to the Indian Taj Mahal.

Excursion to museums:

The Museum of the Bulgarian Civilization, where the exposition tells about the life of the Bulgarian people, which were the ancestors of the modern Kazan Tatars;
A memorial sign, the largest in the world printed Koran, is kept here.